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Reaching 21st century learners through unit design (section 1)

How do you design units that are relevant and engaging for your students? Is it sometimes a challenge? In this workshop, participants will hear about a successful unit design model used in the language department at a Midwestern high school that decided to ditch their text. The presenter will walk you through the essential questions you need to ask before embarking on unit design, cover performance-based and formative assessments you can use to make sure the students are on track, and discuss authentic activities to keep students engaged. Effective tools including Interactive Notebooks and the TALK system (Talk, Accuracy, Listen, Keep it going) will be introduced. Finally, the presenter will offer suggestions on how to convince colleagues to come on board with creative unit design, and how to implement unit design techniques while still using a preordained text. Come ready to learn and share!
Jun 30 - Jun 30, 2017
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