Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
Beyond Communicative Competence: Using Authentic Materials to Develop 21st Century Literacies

Preparing students for participation in the globalized communities of the 21st century entails out-of-the-box thinking on the part of foreign language teachers. How do we move beyond preparing students to order coffee or buy train tickets, and instead encourage them to be reflective, culturally aware language users? To answer this question, this institute focuses on how to develop studentsí 21st century literacies through engagement with authentic written, audio, audiovisual, visual, and digital materials. Using conceptual and pedagogical understandings gained during the institute, participants will collaboratively evaluate and analyze existing materials. They will then create learning objectives, select authentic materials, and design lessons and assessments that develop studentsí communicative abilities, encourage cross-cultural connections, foster critical thinking and problem solving, and facilitate engagement with the world outside of the classroom.
Jul 17 - Jul 21, 2017
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