Research on Language Learning in Study Abroad (1998-2005)
Research on Language Learning in Study Abroad (1998-2005)

CALPER Professional Development Document. In this document, the author provides a concise bibliography of current research (1998-2005) on language learning in study abroad, divided into four sections: language development, the qualities of learners' interactions and experiences in the host community, writings on program design and intervention, and Web resources. For the first two sections and for each individual study, the bibliography lists a brief description of the participants, the language the study is based on, the focus of the study, and its major findings.
Author(s): Celeste Kinginger
Language(s): -Applicable to any language-
Category: Research, Teacher Development
Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
Audience: 9-12, University
General Format: Print
Specific Medium: Downloadable File
Length: 20 Pages
Skill: N.A.
Price: Free
Year: 2005
Keywords: study abroad, professional development
Publisher: Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research
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