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Like the Sotho and Tswana, the Pedi in pre-conquest times lived in large villages divided into groups centered on family clusters favoring paternal line. Each consisted of a group of households built around a central area which combined meeting place, cattle byre, graveyard and ancestral shrine. Homes were ranked in order of seniority. Each wife had her own round thatched homestead, joined to the others by a series of open-air enclosures (lapa) encircled by mud walls.
Author(s): NALRC
Language(s): Sepedi
Category: Teaching and Learning Materials, Research, LCTL Initiatives, K-12 Initiatives, Outreach and Dissemination
Level: Beginning
Audience: K-8, 9-12, Heritage, Self-Study, Special Purpose
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Specific Medium: Hard Copy
Skill: N.A.
Price: Free
Year: 2015
Publisher: National African Language Resource Center
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