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Annotated bibliography: Overview of evaluation and assessment in heritage language learning

The annotated bibliography presents a synopsis of studies, from as early as 1989 to the present, which address different issues related to heritage language assessment and program evaluation. It is composed of 8 parts: (a) Reviews; (b) Surveys; (c) Assessment (placement and other tests); (d) Assessment for the purpose of differentiating HLLs and non-HLLs; (e) ACTFL Proficiency guidelines for assessing HLLs; (f) Evaluation of HL programs; (g) Sociocultural aspects (identity, attitudes, and motivation); and (h) Key background and theoretical papers on HLLs.
Author(s): Young A Son
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Category: Assessment
Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, N.A.
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Year: 2015
Keywords: Assessment, Evaluation, Heritage
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