Coyote Traces – Aku Wuwu’s Poetic Sojourn in America
Coyote Traces – Aku Wuwu’s Poetic Sojourn in America

Aku Wuwu is a poet of the Yi ethnic minority in China, also a literary critic and a professor at Southwest University for Nationalities. "Coyote Traces – Aku Wuwu’s Poetic Sojourn in America" consists of 80 poems written in Chinese about Aku’s observations and insights during his travels among people of various races in America from Aku’s unique perspective as a cross-culture individual himself. This book also includes two valuable interviews of the author by one of the translators – Professor WEN Peihong. The other translator is Professor Mark Bender from DEALL at OSU. Here, we present the recitations of the poems in this book, as sound is always an important part of poetry. Reciters: Chinese – SUN Hong, professor and head of the Department of Performance (Drama, TV, and Film) in the School of Arts at Southwest University for Nationalities. English – Mark Bender, professor of Chinese literature and folklore at The Ohio State University.
Author(s): Aku Wuwu
Language(s): Chinese
Category: Teaching and Learning Materials, Teacher Development
Level: Advanced
Audience: University, Heritage, Self-Study
General Format: Audio-Visual
Specific Medium: Audio Tape, Website
Skill: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Year: 2016
Publisher: National East Asian Languages Resource Center at The Ohio State University
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