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Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday (FLLITE)

The FLLITE Project takes the creative moments found in everyday language use as the basis for lessons in second language literacy. By emphasizing language play as central to communication, FLLITE lessons aim to develop language awareness as well as communicative abilities through the integration of speaking, reading, listening, and writing tasks. The goal of the FLLITE Project is the publication of lessons based on authentic texts in both commonly and less-commonly taught languages, for example, blogs, Internet memes, YouTube videos, slam poetry, and so forth. When you submit a lesson, the FLLITE editorial board will give you feedback to improve your lesson for publication. In addition, you will learn how to adopt an open copyright license (Creative Commons) that gives the public the right to access, adapt, and re-use your lesson. FLLITE is sponsored by CERCLL (University of Arizona) and COERLL (University of Texas at Austin).
Author(s): Chantelle Warner, Joanna Luks, Carl Blyth, et. al.
Language(s): French, German, Spanish, -Applicable to any language-
Category: Teaching and Learning Materials
Level: Beginning, Intermediate
Audience: 9-12, University
General Format: Web
Specific Medium: Website
Skill: Reading, Writing
Price: Free
Year: 2015
Keywords: literacy, language play
Publisher: Center for Open Educational Resources & Language Learning
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