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The Journal of the African Language Teachers Association, published annually by the NALRC, is dedicated to the issues and concerns related to the teaching and learning of African Languages. The Journal primarily seeks to address the interests of language teachers, administrators, and researchers. Articles that describe innovative and successful teaching methods, that are relevant to the concerns or problems of the profession, or that report educational research or experimentation in African Languages are all welcome.
Author(s): Antonia Schleicher and John Hutchison (Eds.)
Language(s): Arabic, Shona, Swahili, Xhosa, Zulu, Amharic, Bambara, Chichewa, Hausa, Lingala, Luganda, Sesotho, Setswana, Yoruba, Twi, Wolof, Luyia (Luhya), Kikuyu, Acholi, Bamana, Oromo, Afrikaans, Bemba, Dinka, Igbo, Kikongo, Kimbundu, Kinyarwanda, Kpelle, Krio, Somali, Temne, Tigrinya, Tsonga, Ndebele, Swati, Pulaar
Category: Teaching and Learning Materials, Research, LCTL Initiatives
Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
Audience: University, Heritage, Self-Study, Special Purpose
General Format: Print
Specific Medium:
Skill: Reading
Year: 1999
Publisher: National African Language Resource Center
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